At Casey Auctioneers we are committed to providing the most efficient service to our customers. Whether you are looking for that ideal property or merely seeking advice, our dedicated team will assist you in every possible situation.

Some tips for viewing a property:

  • Know what type of property you are looking for. Location, price region and design should be the first criteria discussed when buying a property.
  • In our experience viewing more than two properties in one day causes confusion. It will be easy to forget important details of a specific property if one visits a wide range of properties in a short space of time.
  • Study the brochure well. Ensure that you are aware of room sizes, special features and site areas.
  • Know what you want to look at in the property and check these things out. Don't be put off by a sales pitch, come to your own conclusions.
  • Check the structure externally and internally, look for cracks on walls, loose floorboards and signs of dampness. Remember decorative flaws are easier to repair than structural problems.
  • After viewing the property, allow yourself enough time to think (at least 24 hours) before making an offer. Ask your Estate Agent to keep you informed on any offers made on the property.
  • Take advice from professional people, e.g. Builders, Solicitors, Engineers, Estate Agents, etc.
  • Keep in contact with your Estate Agent after making the offer.
  • Most important of all: TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.